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Design Your Life, Make Your Dreams a Reality:
Create a Life Map!

During this transformational daylong workshop you will draw from your vision, your values and your purpose to make clear goals for what you want to achieve in 2009. You will put your goals onto a practical and inspiring collage that will make your map powerful and easy to keep alive in your life.

With a small group of participants and 3 Life Coach/Facilitators you will:

  • Put your vision into action
  • Set clear and realistic goals for 2007
  • Claim who you are and where you are going
  • Connect with other people & build support for your goals
  • Participate in a fun, empowering and creative process

Saturday, January 3, 2009 - 9:00-4:00
Location: Durango, CO

The workshop is $95.
Space is limited.
To register call Richard or Susie at 970-259-7989

You will need to bring:

  • A list of your values. Your life purpose statement
  • Any personal, career or financial goals you are working on
  • Personal photos of people, animals, things that are important to you
  • A sack lunch or be prepared to buy a lunch nearby


    “My Life Map has hung on my wall for a year.
    Everyday I am reminded of my purpose and goals.
    I am amazed how many I have achieved!”
                            - Ted Zerrer, chiropractor



Richard Peterson is a Certified Coach specializing in Life and Financial Coaching. His passion is helping people achieve success in their life and work.

Susie Peterson is a Professional Certified Coach and mentor. She specializes in transforming fear into freedom so that lives are lived more fully.


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